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What is Modular Construction

Modular buildings are produced in “modules” in a specialized factory under controlled manufacturing conditions. Polcom manufactures completely finished modules that contain all interior finishes, FF&E, MEP, and a façade. When put together onsite, these modular buildings reflect the identical design intent of the most sophisticated site-built buildings. Polcom’s modules use the same type of materials and are designed to the same codes and standards as for conventional buildings.

Why use Polcom modular?

  • Polcom modular is a manufacturing company with extensive international experience
  • We produce high-quality welded steel-framed modules for better rigidity and long life
  • Our building systems are permanent and can be used for high-rise buildings
  • Our methods of manufacturing allow a high level of flexibility in module shape, size and fit-out
  • We have our own steel factory, furniture factory and fit-out facilities, hence we own the entire production chain
  • Polcom is financially stable and for 70% owned by PIMCO, providing the strong financial backing needed for rapid expansion into new markets
  • Modular development projects seem sometimes difficult to finance. Can you help?

    The financial structure of a modular projects differs from a traditional project because most of the building is manufactured off-site. When using debt financing, this may cause a complex situation until the modules have arrived on site. Polcom is majority owned by PIMCO, one of the world premier investment firms with over $1.8 Trillion (USD) under management and can because of that offer various financing solutions to overcome this temporary financing hurdle at the beginning of your project.

    I haven’t heard of Polcom before. How do I know they have the financial capacity to complete my project?

    As of December 2018 Polcom is majority owned by PIMCO, one of the world premier investment firms with over $1.8 Trillion (USD) under management. Unlike typical modular suppliers, this provides Polcom with the financial backing to service projects at any size and scope.

    Can Polcom supply according to our building regulations?

    When you choose for Polcom modular, you have total assurance that your product will be designed and built to a standard that meets or exceeds your local building regulations. We have in-house capabilities, with highly-experienced designers and engineers to help you create exactly the building you need. What’s more, we work in partnership with experienced architects, engineers and consultants to create the right product for your market.

    Are modular buildings permanent?

    Structurally, Polcom’s modular buildings are equivalent to conventional buildings. Their life span and warranties are also similar. However, the overall quality of modular buildings is much higher due to the controlled manufacturing process.

    What are the advantages of modular manufacturing?

    − See: Benefits of Modular Construction on this website.

    Why does Polcom prefer long-term partnerships?

    The advantages of modular manufacturing are many, but a long-term partnership provides the opportunity to invest and jointly optimize the product in order to add value whilst lowering costs.

    What does the process look like?

    The modular construction process differs greatly from conventional construction. Early manufacturer involvement is essential in order to take advantage of the full benefits of off-site construction. Once the product is designed we provide a prototype of a typical part of your building – for example a room or apartment – for signoff. Client signoff forms an integral part of our process. Drawings, prototypes and production batches need to be signed off by the client or their representative before any product is sent to the site. This provides maximum certainty that everything will be shipped according to your specifications and that there will be no delays during construction.

    Who delivers the modules to the building site?

    We do.

    Who installs the modules?

    Polcom provides training and technical advisors to assist the general contractor to install the modules on site. We can also train the general contractor’s installation team at our factories, prior to delivery of the modules. In specific cases, Polcom can offer the entire structural installation of the modules onto the building.

    Does Polcom modular provide the crane for installation?

    No, we ask that the general contractor provides the on-site lifting crane. Polcom modular will provide all load requirements and necessary lifting gear including chains and lifting bars/frames.

    Where is the product manufactured?

    The product is manufactured and assembled in Poland, Europe.

    What level of finish can you expect?

    The modules are manufactured to full internal completion. This includes all decoration, tiling, mechanical and electrical fit-out, floor finishes, fixtures and fittings, sanitary ware, windows and doors.

    How does it all fit together?

    We use a stacking and connection system which is tested as an independent and self-supporting structure. If there is a foundation sleeper wall system or transfer deck, we attach as appropriate.

    What is the typical lead time for modules?

    Depending on the design, generally 18 weeks from the final design to the start of production. This period is needed for material procurement, prototype manufacturing and production start-up.

    What is the typical order volume?

    Around 150 modules and more. Smaller quantities can be considered on a case-by-case basis. Repeating orders may be considered as one.

    What dimensions can we construct to?

    Maximum overall module length : EU: 17.5m USA: 58 ft
    Typical overall module width : EU: 3.25m USA: 12 ft
    Maximum overall module width : EU: 4.5m USA: 14 ft
    Typical overall module height : EU: 3.0m USA: 10 ft
    Maximum overall module height : EU: 3.5m USA: 11’-6” ft

    Can I combine several modules into larger spaces?


    What type of foundation do I need?

    The modules can be placed on a sleeper wall system, a concrete podium, steel podium, or a ground floor slab.

    Does Polcom modular carry out on-site testing and commissioning?

    No. All testing is carried out within our manufacturing facilities prior to dispatch, testing certificates are issued as Polcom’s standard. Further on-site testing and commissioning of the integrated building systems will be done by the general contractor’s MEP subcontractor prior to completion.

    Does Polcom modular fit out the corridors?

    No, we provide the inner lining. All top linings, flooring, ceilings and MEP connections are carried out on-site by the general contractor.

    Where do the services go?

    All services are taken out to a service shaft and will be connected in there to the vertical risers by the general contractor.

    How waterproof are the modules?

    We cover our modules in a waterproof membrane which remains in situ throughout its functional life. During the installation of the modules we apply temporary waterproofing to close the joints between the modules.

    What type of façade treatment can you use with the modules?

    The modules can be adapted to carry most façade treatments. For example cladding, aluminium, ceramic and insulated panels can all be accommodated. Windows, inner leaf and insulation will always be factory installed to create a weatherproof product. The remaining façade treatment can also be factory installed, depending on the design. This may include attachment points for fins, balconies and other external elements. Joints between modules will require in-situ finishing.

    Do I need scaffolding?

    Polcom modular can provide façade solutions for erect buildings without scaffolding. This can also be accomplished for high-rise.

    What is the typical wall thickness between modules?

    Typical Bedroom Party Wall Construction : 225mm or 8 27/32 inch total finished thickness
    Typical Bedroom Corridor Wall Construction : 100mm or 4 inch total finished thickness
    Typical Bedroom Floor/Ceiling construction : 495mm or 19 ½ inch total finished thickness
    Typical Bathroom Floor/Ceiling construction : 795mm or 31 5/16 inch total finished thickness
    Typical Corridor Floor/Ceiling construction : 695mm or 27 3/8 inch total finished thickness

    What type of floor build-up does Polcom provide?

    Our standard construction is a 100% rigid steel structure with insulation and two layers of cement board.

    What fireproofing does Polcom provide?

    Our standard is 90 minutes but we can increase this according to client specifications.

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