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Modular Fit-out Furniture Company

Polcom Group was founded as small workshop in 1989 and developed rapidly into a high-quality international furniture manufacturer for the hospitality industry.
In 2012, the company expanded the business to the production of fully furnished steel framed volumetric building systems and now operates three manufacturing facilities in Poland. Polcom owns their own steel factory in Gdynia with access to open water and two more factories for the production of furniture and the modular fit-out in Chojnice. By the end of 2020 a fourth modular assembly facility will be opened in Gdansk.

Holiday Inn Express Heathrow

455 rooms

Completed in 2018


Hilton Gatwick

595 rooms

Completed in 2020


Hilton T2

366 rooms

Completed in 18/19


CM Zurich

366 rooms

Completed in 2019


CM Copenhagen

238 rooms

Completed in 2018


Craftsman’s precision

The furniture is hand made by our craftsmen with attention to every detail. Precision and passion - these are the features that characterize our employees and thanks to them we can offer our clients the best solutions. We combine global design, functionality and the highest quality materials to create a dream product. We never stop and are still looking for new solutions to meet the growing requirements of our customers.
General project stages

Visual design support

Understanding and visualizing customer needs. The product of this stage is the furniture design.

Engineering & Technology

This stage is matching the right technology and materials to the furniture design.

Product manufacturing

This is magic now. Our craftsmen put their whole heart to meet customer requirements.

Order is ready

After the successful production process, it's time for the final touch. And – the product is ready!

Transport and instalation

We will bring the product and install - just the way you want and wherever you want.

Proposal summary

Finally, we will summarize the entire project, indicate its strongest features and assess your satisfaction level

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Polcom Group is an approved provider of premium modular building systems and interiors for many projects across different asset classes (hospitality, residential, student housing and other). We know what it takes to deliver high-end products worldwide, on time, according to specifications and under fixed budgets without breaking the bank.

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