Modular Buildings for the Most Demanding Use

Our team of professionals will assist you in developing a suitable modular solution for your project.

Our product

Our product

Polcom provides modular building solutions with a lifespan that is equal to traditional buildings, with similar warranties and designed for the most demanding types of use.

Our highly-engineered volumetric modules have a welded steel frame and are pre-finished with MEP services out to a service shaft, decorative finishes, furniture and floor coverings, which reduces the need for on-site work by 80-90% while delivering a consistently higher quality of finish. During every step of the production process, quality control inspectors sign off on the work before moving on to the next step.


Our designers and engineers will assist your professional team during the pre-construction development process to create the optimal modular solution for your project. For the modular portion of the building we provide services for structural design, MEP design and if needed architectural design. Polcom delivers 3D CAD files to incorporate in your drawing set.


The financial structure of a modular projects differs from a traditional project as most of the building is manufactured off-site. When using debt financing, this may cause financial challenges until the modules have arrived on site. Polcom is majority owned by PIMCO, one of the world premier investment firms with over $1.8 Trillion (USD) under management. Through PIMCO’s involvement, Polcom can offer various financing solutions to overcome this temporary financing hurdle at the beginning of your project.

Why modular?


Time to market

Projects can be completed up to 50% faster than traditional construction.

Value creation

The industrial production process empowers us to enhance the product and optimize costs at the same time.

Cost Optimization

A shorter construction schedule leads to lower costs of interest and site setup, plus an earlier revenue stream. Additional savings can be found in professional fees and the economy of scale.

Time Certainty

Modular building projects can be completed quickly, are less vulnerable to weather-related delays and are far less dependent on the organization of trades on-site.


Modular construction is a sustainable building method, which offers advantages in meeting higher BREEAM or LEED standards. Construction waste in the modular building process is around 2%.


Modular construction is relatively light weight compared to in-situ concrete structures. This makes modular solutions extremely suitable for urban locations or as top-up on existing buildings.


Modular construction results in up to 75% fewer vehicle movements around a construction site. Coupled with shorter construction durations this can prove to be a major factor in projects gaining entitlements approvals.

Building Quality

Polcom has well-trained permanent employees and permanent quality control at the production line. Tolerances are very tight, which reduces on-site work to a minimum.

Design Freedom

Our modular systems are designed to offer a wide level of flexibility in dimensions and accommodate different types of façades, balconies, etc. Once assembled, modular buildings are indistinguishable from their site-built counterparts.

Green Technology

The factory-controlled process generates less waste, creates fewer site disturbances and allows for tighter construction. Construction and buildings account for 39% of energy-related CO2 emissions. Using modular construction and sustainable resources, the construction industry can account for a global decrease in energy waste and carbon pollution.

Our process

Our process


Polcom provides pre-construction services to help your team to design the optimal modular solution for your project.


The MEP, finishes, fixtures and full interior - the entire package - can be factory installed under quality control which significantly reduces the activities on site.


Polcom Group transports the modules to the building site by truck, ferry or vessel.


Polcom provides training to the contractor and sends on-site instructors to the building site to assist during installation.


Our modular buildings come with similar warranties and lifespan as traditional buildings.

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Polcom Group is an approved provider of premium modular building systems and interiors for many projects across different asset classes (hospitality, residential, student housing and other). We know what it takes to deliver high-end products worldwide, on time, according to specifications and under fixed budgets without breaking the bank.

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